About us

The B & F family company was established in 1992 and today it is one of the largest producers of cynological needs in the Czech Republic. The company also has a large share of exports of these products abroad. In 2005, the company moved to a newly built building that was designed with an emphasis on logistics and maximum customer comfort.

Our company offers you a wide selection of quality products with a wide range of designs and colors. We specialize in leather products, straps and ropes. In our offer you will find everything for small, medium, large breeds of dogs and also for your pet cats.

In our assortment you will find:

paw leather collars and leather leashes

paw straps and straps

paw leather, leatherette and kerchiefs

paw collars and rope guides

paw chain tensioners, chain guides

paw switching guides from leather, rope and strap

paw track cords made of leather, ropes and straps

paw barbed collars

paw engraved dog stamps

paw shining collars

paw training aids

paw muzzle of leather and strap

paw collar collars, drain guides


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