About us

BAFPET is a family company found in 1992 and at present is one the biggest manufacturers of first - class procuts for in the Czech rep.

Due to increasing demands for high-quality produts, the company BAFPET moved by the beginning of the yaer 2005 to a newly built production hall, with a great stress to efficiency, labour organization and logistic, so that the supplies to our customers are realized to their full satifaction

The company offers a wide range of high-quality products from natural as well as coloured trought leathers, girts, ropes and braided lines. A wide range of our products for dogs and cats is represented by the products for small and middle -size races, big duty races, hunting and special ones. Besides our own developed products, a great part of our production capacities is used for the procuts made to custumer`s specifications and the products fully fulfil the customer`s requirements both for strength and functionality. Based of customer`s specification and request, the products are labelled with customer`s logo and bar code.


We love our job and your pets
Karel a Gina
Owner, director
Ivana a Majkl
Monika a Bell s Cassi
Manastient assistant
Radka a Meggie
Warehouse manager
Jana a Gina
Warehouse manager
Eva a Riki
Expedition manager
Renata a Connie
Ivana a Megi
Jaroslava a Ebby